We all know people who have a kind of magic quality about them. When they walk into a room, it lights up and we feel drawn to them. They don’t have to be the life and soul of the party, but they are mysteriously attractive. Many Hollywood stars are not brilliant actors, but something seems to emanate from inside them that appeals to many, many people. That is the quality we call charisma. Charismatic people feel comfortable in themselves. Because they are content with who they are, they aren’t desperately looking for the approval of others and I’m now going to guide you through two of my favorite techniques for cranking up your self-appreciation, making you feel more at peace in yourself and more charismatic to the world.
What’s Right with You?
1. Standing in front of a mirror with your eyes closed, recall a specific time when you were paid a compliment by someone you respect or trust. Run through the experience in vivid detail.
2. As you recall the compliment and the sincerity of the person who said it, pay particular attention to your feelings of trust and regard for the other person.
3. When you feel that as strongly as possible, open your eyes and look in the mirror. Allow yourself to really see what that person saw, and notice how that feels.
4. When you are really feeling wonderful about yourself, squeeze together your thumb and middle finger. Allow the feelings of self-love and self-respect to blend with the feelings of confidence that are already there.
Somebody Who Loves You
1. If it’s appropriate, close your eyes and think of someone who loves or deeply appreciates you. Remember how the person looks, and imagine that person standing in front of you now.
2. Gently step out of your body and into the body of the person who loves you. See through their eyes, hear through their ears, and feel the love and good feelings they have as you look at yourself. Really notice in detail what it is that they love and appreciate about you. Recognize and acknowledge those amazing qualities that perhaps you hadn’t appreciated about yourself until now.
3. Step back into your own body and take a few moments to enjoy those good feelings of knowing that you are loved and appreciated exactly as you are.


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