Growing Your Perspective, Objectively

Squat Rack Shenanigans

Two days ago, I received an email at work, asking me to do a photo shoot two days from then. Yes, today. Without hesitation, I replied with an emphatic, “Yes of course!” Screw the fact that I’m almost 6 weeks into a bulk, screw the fact that I can’t see my bottom abs, screw the fact that I’m not “photo ready” lean. SCREW IT ALL! I love love love having photos taken!

Go ahead and think I’m a narcissist, but hear me out.

We live in the age of the selfie, right? At any time we can snap a photo- from any weird, cocked, flattering angle, in the room with the best light, and see what we look like from arms length away. We use our front-facing camera and line it up just so, take 15, delete 14 of them, adjust the light and put two or three filters on…

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