MODSIM World 2015: Entrepreneurship Contest

A Theory of Systems

MBSE, and ABM – two fields for which I am very passionate in my career – are intersecting with my entrepreneurship spirit at MODSIM World 2015 Conference.


Below is the overview of the Entrepreneurship competition, which includes an open call for individuals, small teams, and existing small businesses to submit their business idea.

Specific areas of focus vary from year to year, based upon current events and interest levels. The 2015 potential conference tracks are Healthcare & Medicine, Defense, Homeland Security, Education & Workforce Development Engineering and Applied Science, Information Assurance and Cyber Security, Manufacturing, Transportation, Crosscutting Issues in M&S. While past MODSIM tracks have included Engineering, Transportation, Science, Serious Games, Human Dimension and many others.

The Competition

The competition will begin in March 2015 and will consist of two phases.
The first round of the competition will be held online via MODSIM World
Conference website. Public will be asked to vote on their favorite…

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